Engine Dyno Tuning Experts

Fast Car 7Before installing a fresh engine, what can be done to ensure it will run its best?

Confirm your numbers and increase power with our engine dyno to remove, adjust, and upgrade any component of the engine quickly. Because your engine is accessible we can quickly make those adjustments to significantly increase power.

For those that want to watch the tuning process the engine dyno facility has a large viewing area and live internet video.

The Technical Side

Our dyno is a Superflow 901 equipped with the latest software and expanded data channel capacity to provide you with the best information possible about your engine.

The engine dyno is set up to tune your carburetor powered or fuel injected Ford, Chevy or Mopar and can accept engines as far back as 1953. With all the wiring harnesses in our inventory we can tune your computer controlled EFI engine with your PCM and have room for full exhaust system testing. This makes it easy enough to do a complete tune, install the engine and turn the key, or shipped to your door so you can install the engine and start enjoying your ride.

With 2,000 lb/ft capacity, we can handle even the most extreme of n/a, blown or turbo combinations.

For complete R&D, we log the following information:

  • Corrected & uncorrected horsepower & torque
  • Water & oil temperature
  • Air flow
  • Fuel flow
  • 8 channel exhaust temperature
  • 2 channel wideband O2
  • Cylinder blow-by

For speed and ease of set-up, our dyno is equipped with a built-in dual starter system, electric water pump, alternator and fuel pumps/regulators.


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