Save Gas, Save Money, and Gain Horsepower

Gain Power, Save Money

E85 conversions gain the power while actually costing you less at the gas station. A spinoff from our E85 racing program is now available for your street driven vehicle without sacrificing mileage for additional horsepower and torque! We retrofit your 1988-2004 Ford and 1985-2005 GM for E85 usage with adjustments to your computers program such as fuel maps, timing curves and enrichment tables.

How To Save Gas

E85 fuel is typically 20% cheaper then regular unleaded gasoline, and even cheaper then the higher octane fuels. The reason for the lower cost? E85 has a 20% loss of fuel economy. We however are able to access your computer and tune it to run more efficiently, achieving an average fuel economy of 4-9% less then the gasoline tune. With a vehicle that requires 87 octane you are now paying 10% less at the gas station. Of course the cars that require higher octane such as performance vehicles see far more savings.


E85 fuels are now available at thousands of stations, but what if you can't find a station with E85? Simple! We include a "flip switch" to accept gasoline and E85 making it easy to travel anywhere in the United States and Canada.


Since 1985 all vehicles fuel systems have been designed for ethanol. You can know with confidence that your fuel system and engine are safe, and have daily driven cars running on the road today with 40,000+ miles all the way past 200,000+ miles (and still going) with E85. Our E85 tunes keep the engine running cooler and lower emissions going out the tail pipe compared with gasoline.

At a cost of $800 it's the simplest way to increase power while saving money in the long run.

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