Chassis Tuning to Increase Horsepower

Fast Car 8We regularly tune lots of American iron, gaining that extra power from our tuning process, always monitoring the air fuel ratio to ensure your tune is the best. With 32 feet of chassis dyno viewing room and multiple video monitors to show the numbers, you, your friends and club can watch your ride produce the numbers at your next dyno day gathering.

Chassis Dyno Possibilities

Dyno pulls are a great way to measure horsepower and torque, for bragging rights or to help guide your next performance upgrade decision.

Group dyno days are the perfect way to prove who has the biggest and baddest ride with plenty of seating space, video monitors to show the numbers, and live video via the web.

Chassis dyno rental is available to test and tune your vehicle when you need full access to a chassis dyno facility is also available.

Dyno tuning allows your car to run at its best with your car being tested and adjusted for the safest increase in horsepower, keeping dependability in mind.

Chassis Dyno Capabilities

With the ability to handle up to 1,800 wheel horsepower the DynoJet 248 chassis dynamometer is the best in the business. And because of its simplicity, reliability and repeatability, it is the standard in the industry. Front or rear wheel drive, gas or diesel, you will always get honest, accurate power numbers and we even provide the dyno number printouts along with air fuel data.

Chipped, stand alone, hand held, and tuned directly on the computer, our tuning experts have the equipment to do just about any vehicle. We have tuning packages for GM, Ford, and Mopar vehicles that include the tune and chip if necessary. We are also very well known for our E85 conversions to increase horsepower while maintaining excellent fuel mileage and having a cooler, more efficient running engine reaping the benefits of the less expensive E85 fuels.

Chassis Dyno Tunes vs Mail Order Tunes

A mail order tune cannot compare to the huge advantages of our chassis dyno tunes where YOUR car is tuned to its very best. Even the same model car needs adjustments from one to the next to guarantee maximum horsepower is side by side with a safe tune for your engine. Anyone that promises the same from a mail order tune is turning your engine into a hand grenade, compromising the safety of your engine. We refuse to let our tunes be anything but the best.

We do however offer Base Tunes which are about half price compared to a full chassis dyno tune, gaining horsepower and torque. We know that our base tunes do not gain maximum horsepower but your engine is tuned to guarantee it will not effect engine life.


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