Machined High Performance Engines

Fast Car 4Are you looking for a good machine shop that can build an engine right and prove their results? With all the tools and equipment necessary, we can build your engine and have the dyno's to show the results, not one "just like it". Our full engine builds include true blueprints to give you every bit of information on your engine so you know the high quality that goes into your build. We machine partial to complete builds, as well as repair minor to major engine issues.

Engine Build Packages

We have engine build packages to ease your build decision but can go any direction you desire:

Hot Rod Engine Packages

Our popular machined engines for those looking for horsepower but on a budget!

Signature Series Engine Packages

Our ultimate builds for those who want top horsepower packages that are proven time and time again to dominate anything on the street and strip.

Machined Engine Packages

When you already have the engine but just want more horsepower, turn to us for our high quality builds. No need to second guess if your engine can or might. We know how to make it perform and have great packages to get your car running down the competition!

Machine Shop Capabilities

We strive for the cleanest environment when assembling our engines and documentation of our engines. Our engine assembly room is well lit and environmentally controlled. We have everything from balance sheets and check lists that come with your motor including all the specs like what it was machined to, this is what internal components, sizes, clearances, basically a recipe for what your motor is. With all the tools and supplies available in the same room and enough space for engine components to get cleanly laid out we are able to label and assemble our engine components so nothing gets lost in the mix.

With our CNC machine (a Sunnen RMC V30) and other machining equipment we can bring all the specs to the EXACT specs of what they should be, now what the guy did on the assembly line. Our standard 4 axis CNC vertical machining center allows us to do anything desired, making your engine run more efficiently and last much longer. With our CAD software we can drive that machine to make the stuff you need. This along with all of our other equipment and technical staff can make everything as straight and true as possible to free up as much horsepower as possible. It's not only power but its also dependability and longevity we strive for.


  • Line Hone Cabinet
  • Sunnen RMC V30 4 axis CNC block machining center
  • Sunnen CV-616 cylinder hone equipped with a diamond hone head and plateau brush system
  • Sunnen VGS-20 seat and guide machine
  • RMC line bore fixture
  • Hines crankshaft balancer
  • Sunnen rod hone machine
  • Manual lathe and bridgeport mill
  • Torque plates for virtually all domestic motors
  • Flywheel resurfacer

We also have the ability to bore/correct cam tunnel location.


Featured Items
Individual Dyno Pulls
Individual Dyno Pulls
GM 427 LS7 Power Package - Stage 2
GM 427 LS7 Power Package - Stage 2
$6 900.00

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